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How to make easy bread dough

There’s maybe nothing that smells better than fresh baked bread am I right?.. For me it’s just comforting. One of the fist things I can remember learning with Nonna was her bread rolls. As a kid I used to eat the fluffy centers and leave the hard crust haha… Long before I began working in the restaurant industry and became a chef I was making bread at home. I ended up with a very basic yet versatile recipe. Even though I’ve learned plenty of great bread recipes over the years. This one is still the go to at home. Mostly because the one dough can be used to make Bread rolls, ciabatta, baguette, focaccia and sandwich bread. the list goes on. Sandwich bread was a big one because I didn’t trust the store but stuff. I couldn’t pronounce many of the ingredients! That was a red flag for me. but now if I’m lazy and not up to baking I know to check for the fresh baked stuff at the grocery store or head over to Cobs. The video and recipe below is for the basic bread dough. Ive also posted the some of the different breads mentioned above separately. Happy baking 🙂

Haha sourdough…dad jokes for days

Download basic bread dough recipe PDF:[Download not found]

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Blooming yeast for basic bread dough
How to make Basic Bread Dough
How to make Basic Bread Dough

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