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How to make Chicken wings | 6 ways

I love chicken wings! Let me just throw that out there to begin with. But I mean really who doesn’t right? There’s really not a bad time for wings but the best is probably game time. But what if you’re not going to the pub for the game and can’t order your favorite wings, what if you you’re throwing a party and want to show off for the pals, or maybe your like me and just want wings whenever you want. Whatever the reason you might as well just learn to make em yourself. Honestly it pretty easy.
It’s all in the video below, as well as recipes for wings oven baked or fried, sauces like BBQ, honey garlic, taryaki, buffalo sriracha with blue cheese dipping sauce. Enjoy.

Salt & pepper chicken wings

Free Recipe download

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Chicken wings recipe
Sriracha chicken wings

Sorry guys i’m working it. This recipe is on its way!!

Molasses BBQ chicken wings

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BBQ Wings Recipe
Honey Garlic Wing!!

Free recipe download:

Download “honey-garlic-wings-recipe.pdf” honey-garlic-wings-recipe.pdf – Downloaded 255 times – 223 KB

honey garlic wings recipe

Tariyaki Chicken wings

Sorry guys i’m working it. This recipe is on its way!!

Below is a list of deep fryers I recommend including the one I’m using as well as some that are a good bang for your buck.

#1 The T-fal EZ Clean 3.5L Deep Fryer This is the unit I use at home. I prefer this one for its storage reservoir. When you’re finished using the fryer it can filter and store the oil. This makes cleaning less of a nightmare and will keep the oil quality higher for longer.

#2 TheT-fal FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5-Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer. This really is just the newer version of the one above. I did about 20 minutes of research and to be honest I’m not certain there’s a difference.

#3 The T-fal FR404652 Filtra Pro Fryer. This one is probably the best bang for your buck. Mostly because it’s nearly the same as the above only with out the reservoir. So if you don’t mind dealing with the nasty business of the oil, the this is a solid purchase.

#4 The Sunbeam 1.5-Litre Cool Touch. So I’m going to level with you right off the bat here. I have not tested this unit myself. I have used similar units however and because you’re probably going do it yourself (and because I would if I was you) I took the time to find a low cost decent rated product with the least amount of crappy reviews. Lets face some times the basics will work just fine and this one will do just that.


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