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Hi guys, I’m Christopher and this is Basically Everything. So what is Basically Everything? Well the idea is for you to learn how to do new and fun things that you have always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start.
I want to take the things that I’ve figured out how do well either for a career or as hobby and teach you the basics. Basic how-to’s at a beginner level. Because if you’re anything like me then you might need your hand held while learning something new.  Learn at your own pace and for free… well excluding potential costs for supplies of course. Having said that I’ll also help you figure out where to find what you need and for the most reasonable cost. The plan is to simplify what you might have otherwise felt was to challenging, time consuming or not cost effective through funny videos, down-loadable recipes and walk through’s.

The basic idea behind Basically Everything is teach you the basics to … well basically everything.

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