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How to fillet a salmon

To fillet a salmon may at first seem rather intimidating. Most people probably wouldn’t even attempt it. I mean why bother right? You can just buy it already de-boned, skinned and portioned right?..Well yeah but wouldn’t it be awesome to be all like “oh yeah by the way I filleted the salmon myself” to all you pals and they’ll all be like “wow you could like totally be a chef” and you would be like “I know right?!” and then they’ll just ll applaud… well maybe not. You could just be cheap like me and want save money. I’ve definitely found that once you learn how to butcher and portion your own meats shopping for groceries gets a lot cheaper!! Honestly one of the best skills that Ive picked as a chef and to be honest it’s not really all that difficult. The Video below explains it all.

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