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Welcome to the “how to” page!! Basically the intent here is to take what I’ve been learning, create basic tutorials and categorize them here. As it stands I’ve really only got the one category at the moment. I started this website 3 years ago. The idea was to teach the basics to basically everything. As it turns out I don’t actually ah… everything… SoOoo I decided challenge excepted. I of course will not be able to learn everything not even basically aha aha… But I can try and I’ll blog my attempts, the good, the bad and the ugly. Once I’ve learned it, I’ll teach it! I believe its important to teach what you know. I believe its equally important to push yourself to learn new things. Which is often easier said then done. Challenges arise, pit falls and road blocks. However there is nothing more gratifying then overcoming and truly feeling the triumph of personal growth. Except maybe teaching others how you did it. So have fun and remember you only regrets things things you don’t do.

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