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This page is where you can find links to amazon for the tools I use in my videos and recipes.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases so everything here is either something I already own, have used or recommend based on research. I’ll post tools I use professionally as well as best quality VS cost for home use and will search out the best deals as they change. I hope you find this useful. Happy shopping.

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I personally own these books and recommend them for both pro and home use


Chefs Knife

The bottom line is that everyone learning to cook should start with a good chefs knife. A chefs knife is the most versitile knife in the knife roll and con be used for nearly any project. Here I’ve posted chefs knives for the home cook and pro.

Utility knives

Not absolutely necessary however as you become more skilled having a good boning knife, filleting knife and pairing knife are the basic essentials for a chef in the making.

Boning Knives

Filleting Knives

Home Knife sets


Equipment I use in my videos that not everyone really uses. I’ll list what I use as well as what recommend to make life easier instead of doing it by hand.

~Misc Tools~

Here are some links for common kitchen tools that most should have but maybe don’t or need to replace. Most of these items can likely be found at the dollar store. Having said that however I have taken the time to seek out some good deals as well as items that I recognize as decent quality.

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